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FRESH is an independent merchandise service and marketplace with more than five years of experience working with creators and brands including but not limited to; Wilbur Soot, Let's Game It Out, The Yogscast, Hello Games, RT Game, ISorrow Productions & Spiffing Brit.

We are committed to making the best merchandise and providing the best customer service for you and your community.

Our creators

We choose to only work with creators who are as passionate about quality as we are and work as part of your team to craft a store which is a natural extension of your brand and create merchandise that will delight your community.

Merchandise that matters

We won’t just stick your logo on a stock t-shirt or hoodie, in the past we have;

Brewed the finest gin

Crafted fine dwarf ale quaffing tankards

Published best selling books

Polished and ground beautiful gemstone polyhedral dice

We have made some cool apparel too

Merchandise that matters
Global reach

Global reach

We are multilingual and work with partners across the globe through our worldwide distribution network.

Get in touch

Now that you know about us why not tell us a little bit about yourself here and if the chemistry is right let's make some beautiful merchandise together.