Our Sourcing Policy

At FRESH, we look to partner with suppliers who have the same ethos as us: reduce and minimise our impact on the planet; be fair to people; and create amazing products. We work hard to find these suppliers, as well as continuously looking to improve on what we can offer together.

We’re taking a number of steps to ensure these factors are always at the forefront of what we do.

Responsible sourcing
The variety of products we produce means we work with suppliers from multiple countries across the globe, who produce each of our products to the highest standards. It’s important for us that these supply partners are transparent, safe and fair.

We manufacture our products using two production methods to reduce the excess stock we create:
  • Manufacture-on-demand - where we print or embroider a product only when an order has been placed and only produce what we sell.
  • Bulk production - where we order in small volumes to create a limited run of a product.

Recycle, reuse, repair  sustainable-packaging-icon
Wherever we can, we use recycled and recyclable packaging 
to protect and ship your orders. As of April 4th, we use grass-based paper packaging where possible. Not all our packaging is recyclable yet, but we’re working towards using 100% recyclable packaging.

We create products we want you to love as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. A great deal of care and attention goes into the design, quality and detail of each and every product, to create something you’ll want to keep. FRESH isn’t about fast fashion - if anything, we think slow fashion is the way forward, so we encourage you to extend the life of FRESH products by repairing, washing less often, and doing so at lower temperatures.

At FRESH, we’re determined to do our bit to help reduce waste and landfill. We understand that the retail industry, and in particular the clothing industry, has a very important role to play in this, being among the biggest contributors to landfill.

Using a combination of manufacture-on-demand and small batch bulk production processes, we are already reducing the amount of excess stock we make.

But our goal is for no FRESH stock to ever be sent to landfill. To drive this, we support a charity partner, by regularly donating unsold clothing and accessories, which they can then offer to the people who need them most. For products where this isn’t possible (such as printed paper goods, for example), we recycle responsibly, allowing unsold goods to be made into something new.

We’re not yet perfect, but we’re learning as we go, and you have our pledge that we’ll continue to do so. By consistently taking steady, meaningful steps forward in our outlook, ideology, and processes, we’ll ensure that FRESH helps reduce landfill and waste, one t-shirt at a time.